Does my small business need a website?

Many small business owners believe that since their companies are small and don’t sell things, they don’t need websites and can instead advertise themselves on social media.

The truth is that, unlike your website, which you have complete control over, you do not own social media. No matter how little your business is, you should have a website to prevent losing customers to rivals that do.

Having a website promotes lead generation, increases visibility, and boosts trustworthiness. You have complete freedom over what you put on your website, how it appears, and what you want it to do because it is something you own. You can post your glowing testimonials there and respond to any queries your clients might have.

There are lots of benefits of having a website:

  • It improves your appearance and conveys that you are serious about your business.
  • It broadens the visibility of your company because millions of people use the Internet to search.
  • It’s a crucial stage in the journey of your customers since, like an online store, your website allows visitors to browse without having to immediately make a purchase.
  • It provides social proof, allowing you to highlight the greatest endorsements and reviews to build credibility.
  • You have total control over your website and are free to post whatever content you choose, including videos and photographs.
  • Website enhances customer service because it eliminates the need for phone calls from consumers who want information about your locations, hours of operation, etc.
  • Having a website will save you time because it can address typical inquiries prospective customers could have.
  • Maintain control of your brand positioning by focusing on attracting your target market with customised marketing messages.
  • A website can emphasise your offers and recognitions.

So, is maintaining a website too costly?

The cost of falling behind, however, is much higher than having a website.

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