Web design & photography projects for you

You may be a bit lost while running your business. That’s why collaboration with another professional will help you to overcome your fears.

My work

Web design projects

So far I have been working with female business owners. Yet, gentlemen are also welcomed to aproach me and ask questions. If you are a service-based business owner, I will gladly help you.

Don’t hesitate to share your concerns with me, and let me solve your problems.

My work

Photography projects

I was collaborating with several working professionals and freelancers. They needed images for their social media profiles, or for their workplaces. I show only one image of each person here. If you are interested in seeing more images, you can visit my Photography Portfolio.

Woman in a leather jacker and red dress holding a hat

Ellie – teaching assistant

Young woman in blue jeans touching tree leaves

Daniela – artist & illustrator

Joanna, business coach

Joanna – business development coach

Jessica, French & Spanish teacher

Jessica – French & Spanish teacher

Woman in a black long dress standing on the staircase

Giuseppina – actress & singer

Asian woman in bluebells field

Stevie – independent broker

Want to see more of my photography?

If you want to check more of my portrait work, I created an images-only portfolio. Please click the button to check it out!