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How long does it take to build a website?

It normally takes between 2 weeks and a month, depending on a website size. Within that time I communicate with the client via zoom, to keep them updated about how the work goes, or to ask for additional information if needed.

Do you choose the design or I should provide one?

I prefer choosing the design myself. Normally I build the homepage first and show the client whether they like it. If yes, I comtinue to other pages. If not, I ask what it is they don’t like, and what they would want to change.

Can you also design a logo for me?

Tes, I’m also a graphic designer, and could do your logo and even social media banners if you need them.

Who writes the content for the website?

You need to provide your own content. I can also work with you on your content to make sure it flows nicely and logically.

Do I have to provide my own images?

It’s up to you. If you already have good, high resolution images, you can send them to me. If you don’t have them, not a problem. I can source the stock images for you, but you need to pay for them. Alternatively, you can book a full brand photography session with me, as I’m also a professional photographer. You can then use the images from the photoshoot as marketing material. If you are interested, you can visit my photography website and see my work.

Do you provide a website care plan?

Yes, I do, and I would highly recommend it. WordPress is a software, and any piece of software requires maintenance, or something may break and stop working. I charge a small monthly fee of only £15. It includes plugin and theme updates, and weekly backups.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, I do. I offer up to 3 instalments for Gold and Platinum, and 2 installments for Bronze and Silver package.

One of my clients says…

If you are looking for a beautiful website designed exactly to meet your needs, then definitely chat with Lucia. She is not only a superbly talented designer but she has an amazing eye for branding and the aesthetics of a site. She created a beautiful site for my business which far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend chatting with Lucia for your website needs.

Caitriona Ellis

Financial Wellness Academy

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